PSA from Vermont Fish and Wildlife

Vermont Fish & Wildlife PSA: Bears in Manchester


The Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department urges Manchester residents to lock up their trash, grills, and other attractants, to help encourage a bear with a noticeable limp who has been looking for food around town to move on.


We understand Manchester residents are worried about this bear’s limp and want to help! We want to stress that helping this bear looks different than people may assume. There is no way to treat an adult bear for a limb injury. Trying to do that would be more traumatic for the bear than letting it recover naturally, and there are good odds this bear will recover on its own. The much greater threat to this bear’s quality of life is the danger of navigating busy roads while searching for human caused foods like garbage, bird feeders, compost, and chickens.


Despite its injury, this bear is fully capable of finding wild foods, but chooses to spend its time in Manchester because human caused foods like garbage are easy to find. And this bear is not the only bear regularly visiting Manchester in search of food. If Manchester residents do not take proactive steps as a community to secure garbage, take down bird feeders, protect chickens and beehives with electric fencing, etc, this bear and others will continue to come into town to find food and run the risk of becoming a danger to people and property.


Please help us reach a coexistence outcome, by securing the food sources that are keeping this bear and others in town. Remember, intentionally feeding bears is not only extremely dangerous, it is also illegal. You can learn more about how to prevent conflicts and be a good neighbor to Vermont’s bears at: https://vtfishandwildlife.com/learn-more/living-with-wildlife/living-with-black-bears