Aerial photograph of Eckhardt Field (center) with McClellan Field (right), Applejack Stadium (left) and the Green Mountain in the background (photos by Les Jorgensen)

Eckhardt Field and McClellan Field

Eckhardt Field is dedicated to John G. Eckhardt, an educator at Burr and Burton Academy, decorated solider and the founder of the Burr and Burton Academy soccer program in the 1960s. McClellan Field is dedicated to Joe McClellan, a well respected social studies teacher at Burr and Burton Academy.

The high quality athletic fields were constructed in the summer of 2016 through a partnership with Burr and Burton Academy, Manchester Elementary Middle School, Equinox Lacrosse and Manchester Youth Soccer. In addition to $75,000 from the Town of Manchester and $75,000 from Burr and Burton Academy, numerous local residents, businesses and organizations contributed to the construction of the fields, including a generous donation by Derry and Judy Taylor.

Eckhardt Field and McClellan Field are located side-by-side and just north of Applejack Stadium. Each field can accommodate playing surfaces as large as 120 yards long and 75 yards wide. The fields are irrigated. Each field features a large electronic scoreboard, player benches and scorer’s tables. Potable water is available at the fields.

Please note, there is no smoking or dogs allowed on Eckhardt Field and McClellan Field. Use of Eckhardt Field and McClellan Field are by permit only. For information about using Applejack Stadium contact the Manchester Parks and Recreation Department at 802-362-1439 or parks@manchester-vt.gov.