Manchester Vermont Town Clerk Places Historical Land Record Index and Records Online





Anita Sheldon, CMC/CVC

Town Clerk

P.O. Box 830

Manchester Center, VT 05255

802 362 1313 Ext 1 |a.sheldon@manchester-vt.gov


Manchester Vermont Town Clerk Places Historical Land Record Index and Records Online

Manchester, Vermont –  Anita Sheldon, Town Clerk announced today that the Town Clerk’s office has completed phase I of an extensive digitization project including:

  • placing historical index cards from 1874 to November 2004 online in addition to the previously available land record index from November 2004 forward. 
  • placing some land record images from March 1980 (Land Record Vol. 81 to Land Record Volume 375) forward online. Images are available to view and purchase for a nominal fee by visiting https://recordhub.cottsystems.com/.

 The Town Clerk, using Record Preservation Fund, worked in partnership with Cott Systems to scan and organize the records using Cott’s Historical Online Index Books software and recordhub. Town Clerk staff and the public now have secure, remote access to land record indices and images 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

Digitizing provides a valuable public service by providing convenient access to the information without needing to handle the original documents that are often fragile. By digitizing these documents, the Town Clerk is ensuring that the Town’s valuable records are preserved and backed up electronically in case of disaster.  


We will continue working toward hosting all land record images from May 1953 (Land Record Volume 50) forward online. We will then continue adding images of attachments and liens, bianchi records and town records as time permits.

For additional information regarding the office of the Town Clerk, please visit manchester-vt.gov/clerk



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