The Town of Manchester’s proposed lease of space at Town Hall to the Community Food Cupboard (CFC) can be viewed at:¬†Proposed Town CFC Lease

Below is a a summary of the proposed Town lease:

  • Lease begins with factual “whereas” clauses in order to provide the public some frame of reference, including:
    • A description of the space (600 square feet) provided by the Town of Manchester to CFC.
    • An estimate of the cost of the electricity being provided by the Town of Manchester to the CFC (estimated at $4,800 per year).
    • An estimate on the fair market value of the space provided by the Town of Manchester to the CFC (approximately $7,200 per year).
    • A list of the 15 communities served by the CFC, and the percentage (26%) that Manchester represents in the larger CFC service area.
    • And finally, the fact that the Town of Manchester is the only community that provides direct or in-kind aid to the CFC.
  • The proposed Town lease runs through June 30, 2018, a three year agreement.
  • Maintains the current monthly lease of $100.00 through June, 2016, contingent upon the CFC not accept a voted appropriation from Town Meeting.
  • Provides for a modest $25 per month rent increase (to $125.00) in July, 2016 and another $25 a month increase (to $150.00) in July 2017 (the Town has not increase the CFC lease payment in 22 years).
  • The agreement maintains the CFC access to electricity paid by the Town of Manchester.
  • The lease requires the CFC to maintain its interior space (Town maintains exterior space and common systems) and the hallway and bathrooms “whenever its operation specifically causes dirt or debris to accumulate in the hallway or bathroom or otherwise requires cleaning.”
  • The lease requires CFC to maintain the back walkway used by CFC, including removal of snow and ice.