The Manchester School District and the Town of Manchester jointly hosted a public meeting on Wednesday, May 20 in the Jackie Parks Room at the Manchester Elementary Middle School (MEMS). The meeting focused on alternatives and sought public comments on the comprehensive reconfiguration of the MEMS property and Town-owned Memorial Avenue and School Street, including:

  • Creation of a new parent drop-off configuration
  • Reconfiguration of the school bus drop-off area
  • Expansion and relocation of MEMS employee and visitor parking
  • Realignment of the intersection of Memorial Avenue and School Street
  • Enhancement of pedestrian access and expanded sidewalk network around MEMS, including wider sidewalks and sidewalks along School Street to Bonnet Street
  • Improvement of the crosswalk on Main Street at the intersection of Memorial Avenue
  • Reconfiguration of MEMS athletic fields
  • Relocation and expansion of MEMS playgrounds

 The presentation at the meeting is available online at: MEMS-Town Presentation dated May 20, 2015